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Remake Magazine, "The Creative and the Critical", Eileen G'Sell, September 2021 VIEW
Wall Street International Magazine,
Heather Bennett at Bruno David Gallery, April 8, 2021 VIEW
Hyperallergic, "Heather Bennett: Photos of Gifts", Eileen G'Sell, First week of November, 2017 VIEW
Ladue News, "Art & Soul: Heather Bennett", Bryan A. Hollerbach, November 3, 2017 VIEW
St. Louis Magazine, “Heather Bennett: Contemporary Artist”, Voyeur Series, Helene Sayad, Jan. 2016
St. Louis Magazine, “Four Stories Explores Women in Society”, Helene Sayad, April 8, 2015
Riverfront Times, “Heather Bennett’s Photographs in Four Stories Explore Mysteries of Four Women”,
Kelly Glueck, St. Louis, March 11, 2015
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “‘Portrait/ Process’ Mixes Styles and Methods”, Sarah Bryan Miller, June, 2014
The Village Voice,
“Pretty Vacant: Photographic Fiction and Fact”, R.C. Baker, April 16-22, 2014 VIEW
The New York Photo Review, “As the World Turns”, Ed Barnas, April, 2014 VIEW
, “Weekend Update”, Walter Robinson, cover, October 4-9, 2010 VIEW
The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Art Copycats and Creative Borrowers”, Edward Sozanski, Sept. 6, 2009
Delaware Art Museum Brochure,  “See It”, October, 2009 VIEW
Out & About, “Revealing Influence”, Michael Pollock, Vol. 22, No. 7, September, 2009 VIEW
Ego Magazine, “Heather Bennett”, Gopuc Kocmaguhob, Feature, Bulgaria, September, 2008 VIEW
Art Review Magazine, “Phantoms” at Luxe Gallery, Adam Mendelsohn, Febr. 2008 VIEW
ParisArt, “Heather Bennett at Eva Hober Gallery”, Yael Hirsch, Nov. 2006 VIEW
Art on Paper Magazine, “Report From Paris”, Chris Bors, December, 2006 VIEW
ArtNet, Featured artist, early July, 2006
Intro Magazine, No. 20, Bulgaria, Xopo Toweb, Interview, March 2006 VIEW
Bergen News, “Where to Go”, featured photo, February, 2006 VIEW
Vogue (Spain), “FIAC”, featured photo, October 2004 VIEW
ArtPress, “Fiac in Progress”, Judith Benhamou-Huet, featured photo, #305 October 2004 VIEW
ArtPapers, “Heather Bennett”, Jeffrey Hughes, November-October, 2003 VIEW
ArtNet, weekend cover, August 13, 2003
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Fashion Victim”, David Bonetti, June 10, 2003 VIEW
Ladue News, “Profile”, Helene Sayad, June 20, 2003
Die Welt,  “Freche Modekopistin”, Annette Kusche, April 8, 2003 VIEW
The New York Times,  “Heather Bennett”, Ken Johnson, February 7, 2003 VIEW
ArtNet, “Weekend Update”, Walter Robinson, February 5, 2003 VIEW
Time Out New York,  “Peculiarly Pink”, Ana Honigman May 2-9 2002 VIEW
Umbrella Magazine, “Untitled 2001”, Vol. 25, No. 1, April 2002 VIEW
The New York Times, “Different Directions”, December 2000
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Artist Accents Mystery by Manipulating Letters”, Jeff Daniels, July 1998
Riverfront Times, “Heather Bennett: Love Letters”, Ivy Schroeder, July 1998
Time Off, “The ABC’s of Drawing”, New Jersey, March 1996

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