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Pete Jones
James Schwartz
Scott Smith
Brian Kuhlman
Dave Casper

Make up:
Melinda Kingston
Vivian Ogier
Jennifer Oertli
Suzy Bacino
Katy Broderick

Photo assistance and styling:
Chris Wagner Schwartz
Vivian Ogier

Accompanying models:
Laura Beard (Versace)
Bill Jones (Donna Karen)
Travis Saathoff (Yves St. Laurent)
Tony Gaddis (Dolce & Gabbana)
Tom Sandoval (Sisley and Guess by Marciano)

Digital assistance:
Danny Hommes
Pete Jones

Printing and mounting:
Design Image/ Novachrome
St. Louis, MO.
Mark Murphy and Chris Vorney

Technical assistance:
Tom Wiggins
Eric Derry
Roger Bennett

Financial assistance:
Clint and Janet Walker