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Camera: Scott Smith
Male lead: Matthew Lavite
Make-up: D'Shannon Llewellyn
Construction: Patrick Lanham
Casting assistance: Rob Colie
Furniture supply: Roger and Linda Bennett
Further assistance: Juliann Ritonya

Anniversary (B&D)

Camera: Scott Smith
MaleĀ  lead: Jacob Van Horn
Make-up: Debbie Jacks
Location: Milk and Roses in Greenpoint
Further assistance: Olga at Stephan Stoyanov Gallery


Camera: Heather Bennett
Female lead: Laura Beard
Make-up: Laura and Heather
Location: the Ranch, Denton, TX

On The Road

Camera: Scott Smith
Male outside of car: Richard Kessler
Female in car: Jeanne Bennett
Make-up: Julie Dietrich
1969 Mercury Cougar: Linda and Roger Bennett
With special thanks to Pete Rizo's Auto Repair
and Fritz's Frozen Custard



Four Stories
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