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“The Uncovered Works of Hanna Berman” evolves directly from my last body of work, “Untitled”, continuing a multifaceted interrogative of the portrayal of woman in contemporary visual culture. I have parodied classic feminist parables which quote by way of appropriation a specific artistic heritage, filtering these images through the current language of media.  As the title of this body of work attests, I am pointedly reconfiguring artists such as Cindy Sherman and Hannah Wilke whose message has been simplified as a catch-all deconstruction of the ‘woman as image’ proposition.  Like my predecessors, I am using my own body, risking and inviting its refetishization, for my own ideological purposes; subsuming this as almost a formula within the image construction.  The resulting scenes are clichéd generalizations; highly stylized portraits of iconic characters of the female as fantasy, rendered with the beautified veneer of fashion and film. Potentially gritty scenes become pretty, fun, and candy-coated using and exposing the myopic nature of this language and highlighting the manipulation within an aesthetic based on a construct of desire.  Ambiguity hovers as the women depicted vacillate between predator and prey.  Each of these characters is without a specific referent but is formed from a weave of familiar and well-worn codes rooted within the photographic medium.  Yet the vibrant, simplified color palette and deliberate composition reflect a painter’s mimicry of collective cultural memory. The import of the past genre of feminist work is redefined and yet re-presented here using its original position as myth.